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[bluetooth-dev] Security Manager Implementation

Hello everybody,

Currently I am implementing Security Manager on my Arm7 developement
board. I have read the spec talking about it in

According to the spec, the interface between the sec. manager and stack
is through the /proc/sec_srv and ioctls. When my application receive
some security events(e.g. PIN_CODE_REQUEST) through /proc/sec_srv it
will use ioctls to reply it.

My problem is that my bluetooth devices will do authentication before
connection complete. When btd issued BTCONNECT command, it will prevent
other process using ioctls until connection complete event has received.
So when my security manager received Pin Code Request Event, it cannot
reply with Pin Code Request Reply using ioctls. My turnaround is comment
out the semaphore functions down(&ioctl_sem) and up(&ioctl_sem) in
bt_ioctl. I think it is not a good method. So is there anyone who has
the same problem as me? Any suggestions are welcomed!

Tim Chan

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