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[bluetooth-dev] Problem in Connecting two computers using Null modem


I tried to use a null modem cable to connect two computers running openBT.
I get the following errors on the client and the server side.
One machine (server) has a LAN interface and the other  one (client) does not.

On server,
> btd -u /dev/ttyS1 -r server -i no_hw -e 0

Bluetooth Control Application
Running as server
Physdev /dev/ttyS1, btdev /dev/ttyBT0, speed 115200 baud
tcgetattr: Input/output error


On client, when i say

> btd -u /dev/ttyS1 -r client -i no_hw -e 0 
I get the following messages,

Bluetooth Control Application
Running as client
Physdev /dev/ttyS1, btdev /dev/ttyBT0, speed 115200 baud
ERROR: init_phys not implemented !
Registered bluetooth line discipline on /dev/ttyS1
Init stack
ERROR: init_hw() not implemented
Now entering cmd line mode


Also, there is no "con" command in the menu.

Also, What should be  the IP addresses in the options.ttyS0 file ?

If would be highly obliged if you could help.


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