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[bluetooth-dev] re: Is it a proper way to build a bluetooth access point

Hello Leanne Chan,

I can share some experience to build a bluetooth axis point with you.

My setup: EBDK and (Strongarm / arm7 / pc)
OpenBT version: 2001/07/01 version

On one side, EBDK is connected with a linux RH6.2 (Already LAN
192.168.1.*)  using serial cable (A) which act as the access point. On
the other side  (B), I have tested with arm7, strongarm and PC connected
with our baseband module. Of course you can use EBDK instead.

1. On A side, start openBT by ./btd --physdev /dev/ttyS0 --speed 57600
2. On B side, assume you use EBDK with another PC, type ./btd --physdev
/dev/ttyS0 --speed 57600 --client
3. On B side, once menu appeared, type "rfconn <Remote BD Add> 1 0"

Few seconds later , both device will be connected and you can use
/dev/ttyBT0 as a normal serial port.

Make sure the /etc/ppp/options is not exist in both computers. After
that, on computer A , type

pppd /dev/ttyBT0 115200 noauth local proxyarp

and at the same time on computer B, type

pppd /dev/ttyBT0 115200 noauth local

Once ppp connected, you can ping each other.

After that,  on computer A, type

cd /proc/sys/net/ipv4; echo '1'>ip_forward

And on computer B, type

route add -net ppp0

route add default gw  (My network gw)

Then you can ping anywhere from B.

Hope it's helpful.

By the way, I was graduated in HKU EEE also. :-)

Best Regards,
Tim Chan

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