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[bluetooth-dev] Status with CSR chip and openBT


I work now for more that a week with a CSR module Firmware. Normally, the
firmware I use it "CSR FW 12.7", the chip is a bc01, and the stack is
version 0.0.8. I just updated function csr_waitcmdnum(void) so that the
stack doesn't freeze any more if the module doesn't respond. I use the
BCSP protocol. I tested in H4 UART too, but the results were quite the
same. I use the stack on an embedded linux with our own platform (a
dragonball). Previously, I used the stack with an Ericsson Bluetooth chip
on our embedded system, and it worked well.

-> 1st challenge : Initialize the module.

- The initial speed was at 57600 bauds (and the stack has a default at
115200 for CSR chip)- Every time that I wanted to read the firmware
version ("hci_read_firmware_rev_info [CSR] BuildID/ChipVer/ChipRev"), I
got a timeout response, and the module didn't respond any more to HCI
commands. So I removed the function "hci_read_firmware_rev_info" of the
stack- Then, every time I wanted to read or write PS KEYS, I got a
timeout, and the module didn't respond any more after. So I removed the
call to the functions that write and read PS KEYS.- Finally, the
initialisation goes successfully. I've just a hardware error, but people
on this list told me that it should work despite of this error. The error
was :

-- Error --
BT SYS: hci_receive_hq: Unknown message type

hci_receive_hq (24):
0x02 0x00 0x0c 0x00 0x8d 0x1e 0x00 0x10 0x00 0x00 0x1c 0x00 0x14 0x00 0x28
0x40 0x01 0x00 0x3d 0x97 0x00 0xb3 0x24 0xb7
BT SYS: ERROR: process_event: A hardware error with error code 0x1C
BT SYS: ERROR: process_event: Please refer to your Bluetooth module's

-- end of error --

-> 2nd challenge : find other modules and establish connection.

My hardware is powered by batteries, and a step-up guarantee that Vcc will
be 3.3 V. I've a RC circuit to make alimentation as stable as possible
before to power the RF part of the chip.

- Depend on how new my batteries are, I'am able to find other modules and
to connect them. But It doesn't work with completely new batteries (2 LR03
1,5V batteries). They should be just a bit used. If they give less than
2.9 V (and the step up give the 3.3V), I'm able to find the other module
with the CSR module.

I wonder if all these problems have a similar origin. Now if someone
already experienced such problems or something similar and can give some
guidelines where to investigate to correct these problems, I'll be very

Thank you for any help.

Alain Paschoud                      SMARTDATA SA
alain.paschoud@xxxxxxx.ch         PSE-A
http://www.smartdata.ch             1015 Lausanne
Phone +41-21-693'84'98              
Fax   +41-27-693'84'91              
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