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AW: [bluetooth-dev] Status with CSR chip and openBT

> -> 2nd challenge : find other modules and establish connection.
> My hardware is powered by batteries, and a step-up guarantee 
> that Vcc will
> be 3.3 V. I've a RC circuit to make alimentation as stable as possible
> before to power the RF part of the chip.
> - Depend on how new my batteries are, I'am able to find other 
> modules and
> to connect them. But It doesn't work with completely new 
> batteries (2 LR03
> 1,5V batteries). They should be just a bit used. If they give 
> less than
> 2.9 V (and the step up give the 3.3V), I'm able to find the 
> other module
> with the CSR module.

we had similar problems with voltages on a original CSR module, it was
specified as 3.3V type (+- 0.1V) but only worked at 3.15V. it was
reproduceable with 3 modules, and tests showed that the casira unit also
outputs 3.15V to the module. my hardware technician is not here to ask him
for more details, i am only slightly involved in the hardware development. 
powered with 3.3V i was not able (or better to say not reproduceable able)
to find other devices (and get their BT name). i dont use the openBT but
only onchip routines.

hth, roland aigner

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