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[bluetooth-dev] Where is a safe place to put this?

I am using the CSR BCCMDs to control the PIO on the CSR module.
I have some PIOs connected to LEDS and want to make one a Bluetooth 
activity LED.

I have written some HCI vendor commands that control the PIOs and that 
but I'm a little unsure where I should call my hci_toggle_led() function 
in order
to use it as an activity LED. Where is a safe tx or rx function to call 
my function
from (I am not on top of all the queuing in the HCI functions, so am 
unsure if
I can just insert a call to my hci_toggle_led fn without upsetting state 
or queuing.
Note my hci_toggle_led fn is based on some of the other CSR functions eg
hci_read_firmware in hci_vendor.c).

Can anyone suggest the best place to insert the call?


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