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[bluetooth-dev] Queries about the Casira Baseband Controller Bluecore-BC01B firmware version 119


     I am Krishna Prasad working for a prestigious company

Very recently we have brought the Casira Development kit


Scenario :-


1) We have our own stack running on the PC.


The stack has RFCoMM, L2CAP and HCI.


We have a file transfer application on the top of these layers.


We are able to establish a L2CAP connection, RFCoMM connection and so on.


Currently we are facing problems in transferring file sizes bigger than 4 kilobytes.


We only have 2 Bluetooth enabled devices in which one is master and the other one is a slave.


I have some questions about the configuration details such as :-

1) UART settings we should have on the PC which I believe should be the same as on the Bluecore.

2) Whether the Bluecore supports hardware flow control on the UART ?

3) Whether the Bluecore supports HCI commands by which  we can enable flow control between the PC and the Bluecore ?

     Also whether the Bluecore supports Flush timeout by which if the Bluecore is not able to send the data across to the other Bluecore in certain timeframe then it  sends timeout indication to the stack on the PC and flushes the buffer from the baseband ?


Also whether the Bluecore supports a mechanism by which it reports back to the PC indicating how many packets have been sent by the Bluecore so far ?


4) The Bluecore in the initial handshake reports back saying that it can support a maximum of 192 bytes ACL packet and a maximum of 8 buffers .


When there are only 2 devices does the Bluecore uses all the 8 buffers or only 1 ?


Is there a way to use all the 8 buffers even though we only have 2 bluetooth devices in the piconet ?


5) Currently  we think that the ACL packets are being transferred using DM1, is it true  ?


Does the Bluecore support transmitting ACL  data using DH5 packets ?


Can all the above settings be modified by using PSTOOL ?


6) Is it o.k. to have the hardware flow control enabled on the UART as well as the software flow control ?


Awaiting your reply .


Your early reply will be highly appreciated.