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[bluetooth-dev] how to read the code -- i need your help

    I am a Chinese Master student and I intend to study this bluetooth protocol stack carefully, but I don't know much about Bluetooth and know a little about C programming under UNIX.
    I have download the Axis Bluetooth stack, as I know , the program realize the RFCOMM layer, SDP layer , L2CAP layer, HCI layer. Is my understanding right?
    But as a beginner, I don't know how to read this source code , would you like to tell me which book or material about Bluetooth protocol stack should  I read.(It is the best , if can download the book or material , free)

    (I am very glad to meet some Chinese programmer who is learning this subject to share the experience , if you have the same idea, you can contact me: zhjwp@xxxxxxx. Zhang)

    Thank you very much.

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