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RE: [bluetooth-dev] Modif of function hci_receive_bcsp : strange behavior

Could you enable some appropriate BCSP debug messages too so
we can se what is actually sent and received over BCSP. They
are in bcsp_debug.h


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> From: Alain Paschoud [mailto:alain.paschoud@xxxxxxx.ch]
> Sent: 26 February 2002 11:28
> To: Bluetooth Dev
> Subject: [bluetooth-dev] Modif of function hci_receive_bcsp : strange
> behavior
> Hi all,
> I made some modifications to support big endian systems. I 
> modified function hci_read_firmware_rev_info. The command is 
> well recognized on bid endian systems. But of course function 
> hci_receive_bcsp return a "Not a GETRESP msg" error. So I 
> tried to correct it.
> I pass every field of the record to a le16_to_cpu function. 
> This work well, I haven't the "Not a GETRESP msg" any more. 
> The initialization go well until the end.
> Now, the module continue to send bytes after the 
> initialization ended if I corrected the function hci_receive_bcsp.
> It is like if the module didn't recieve an acknowledge and it 
> tries to re-send informations after the initialization 
> ended... but I don't understand why changing hci_receive_bcsp 
> can provocate such a behavior.
> Here are the logs. The first one is without to modify 
> hci_receive_bcsp() function, and the second one is after 
> having modified hci_receive_bcsp() function.
> I added some debug, because I notice that the message "seq 
> out-of-order [exp:3, got:0], send ack" appears if variables 
> "expected_rxseq" and function "BCSP_GET_SEQ(bcsp)" are not equal.
> Every advice or ideas while this problem occurs will be appreciated.


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