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[bluetooth-dev] Problems when connecting to Headset.


I'm having some problems connecting to a Ericsson headset..

The hci commands I use are:

0x01030c00  	HCI_Reset 
0x01050c03020002  HCI_Set_Event_Filter 
0x01130403010000  HCI_Set_Connection_Encryption (off)
0x011a0c0103	HCI_Write_Scan_Enable
0x0107fc0103	Ericsson PCM Settings
0x01260c026000	HCI_Write_Voice_Setting
0x01200c0101	HCI_Write_Authentication_Enable
0x0105040c+BDADDR+080000000000	HCI_Create_Connection 
0x010c04065818daec0100		HCI_Link_Key_Request_Negative_Reply
0x0107040401002000		HCI_Add_SCO_Connection 

If I connect as above I get a connection according to the events, but
the headset is still in pairing mode,
If I skitp authentication_enable and connect without a pin, I also get a
connection, and the headset shows a connection,
But no voice is transmitted.

Has anyone run into this??

Magnus 'Marix' Rixtorp
Student at Department of Telecommunications and Signal Processing 
Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden 
"Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero"

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