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[bluetooth-dev] Some tests for park mode


If someone already tried to use park mode, I'll be very interested in some knowledges...

Situation :

- I made a connection between my bluetooth module (CSR, firmware 12.7) and the T39m bluetooth phone from Ericsson.
- I want to use the park mode. So I sent the HCI command HCI_Park_Mode to my module. If I well understood, it should put the phone in park mode (because I'm the master as I initiated the connection).

-->Logs :

HCI: hci_park_mode: for connnection handle 0x28
HCI: process_event: COMMAND_STATUS
BT SYS: ERROR: process_event: COMMAND_STATUS: Command Disallowed

-- End of logs --

Here is the questions : 

- How to know if this is the local or the remote device that reject the command ?
- According to specs, when the park command has been executed (successfully or not), I should recieve a Mode_Change event, but I don't recieve such event. Why ?

Thank you for any experience in this domain.

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