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[bluetooth-dev] Re: How to test BNEP when it's insert kernel as a module?

You need to establish a BNEP session between the two PCs. We've made a
small user mode app, called bnep, that does the trick. It's not yet
available on SourceForge, but I included it here. Type "bnep -c
11:22:33:44:55:66", where 11:22:33:44:55:66 is the BD-address. Now you
should be able to ping the other PC over BNEP.


nasm64 wrote:
> Hello Fredrik,
>   I see the bluetooth-dev maillist and want to ask you a question
>   I download the new source code from CVS and make it successfully.
>   Then I want to use PAN profile.So I insmod bt.o,insmod bnep.o(is it
>   right action?)
>   and I make a /dev/bnep0 device
>   Then I run btdm &
>   It seemd that all is OK.I found 6 bnep devices(from 0-6) as the
>   ethernet device,so I "ifconfig benp0"
>   On another PC,I also set a BNEP IP address ""
>   Then I think it's OK to test BNEP from 2 bluetooth device.
>   But when I ping from one PC to another,it seemed failed.So can you
>   tell me how to test the BNEP?
>   Can I use "insmod" to add bnep.o to kernel?
>   You can also mail me at webmaster@xxxxxxx.com
>   Thanks a lot.
> Best regards,
>  nasm64                            mailto:nasm64@xxxxxxx.com