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[bluetooth-dev] Re: After run "bnep -c <xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx>",ping also failed.

The bnep program is really a hack (that's why it's not checked in to
SourceForge), it doesn't tell you if the BNEP connection was successful
or not. You have to look in the logs to be sure (check output from the
btdm daemon). So the problem might be on the Bluetooth side. Have you
tried to establish a RFCOMM session between the PCs (e.g. by using
btcon)? Also, you must disable all Bluetooth security because the bnep
program doesn't support it.


nasm64 wrote:
> Hello Fredrik,
>    Thank you for give me the bnep.c which can make a BNEP session
>    between to bluetooth device.After I run "bnep -c
>    00:11:22:33:44:55(means another bluetooth's device bd address)",
>    it seemed no error.But when I want to ping
>    another PC ,it also cannot ping successfully.I don't know what's
>    the matter,so I want to describe my statud below.
>    I have 2 PCs,
>    PC A: runs Redhat,kernel 2.4.2
>    PC B: runs Slackware Linux,kernel 2.4.14
>    After I download the source code from CVS,I enable the PAN
>    profile(option CONFIG_BLUETOOTH_PAN) and make all the source.
>    Only "userstack" cannot pass,but it's no matter.I only need
>    kernel module to work.
>    Then I "insmod bt.o" and run "btdm&" on both PCs.Both PCs
>    automaticly add 6 Ethernet device named from "bnep0" to "bnep6".
>    I run "ifconfig bnep0" on  PC A and "ifconfig bnep0
>" on PC B.
>    Then on PC A I run "bnep -c 00:11:22:33:44:55"(00:11:22:33:44:55 meaning
>    PC B bluetooth device's bd address),it seemed no error.
>    Then I "ping" on PC A,in order to ping PC B,but it
>    failed,seemed timeout,100% packet lost.
>    Can you give me any suggestion?
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