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Re: [bluetooth-dev] OpenBT Certification

TCI is the Test Control Interface (Bluetooth Spec Part I:3). It allows
for automated testing for the BQB certification. Some of the other
Bluetooth stacks implement tools to stimulate each of the necessary
Bluetooth tests to run.

What was the process that your product had to go through for certification?
The BQB that we are currently talking to would like tools/applications
to setup each of the tests specified in the Bluetooth Test specifications
on our product so they can validate operation. The interface for this
type of testing is supposed to be the TCI interface.

Dean W. Gehnert

Anders Torbj rn Johansson writes:
>We have certified our LAN AP which include L2CAP, RFCOMM, SDP, LAN Profile and
>the GAP profile. 
>GAP and SDP is mandatory basic things you must support to be able to 
>certify your product. Depending on which profile you use in your products
>other requirement will apply. Read the profile description and it will
>tell which parts that are applicable. If you use a pre-qualified module
>with the baseband and lower layers thoose parts are already tested and
>you just need a document from the vendor saying so.
>The TCI layer I'm not so familiar with but I guess it's
>out of scope for such a product you are developing.
>The OpenGroup has a list of BQB:s around the world at
>Best Regards
>Anders Johansson
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>> Which parts have been certified?
>> We are working on a product that uses the RFCOMM/L2CAP layers to
>> send data to a Bluetooth printer. It works just fine, but we
>> now need to get the product Bluetooth certified...
>> There are also questions about whether we require the GAP, SDP and
>> TCI layers to be BQB certifiable...
>> Who was used for the BQB agent?
>> Dean W. Gehnert
>> Anders Torbj rn Johansson writes:
>> >Hello,
>> >
>> >Yes, we are using it in our products but the stack itself hasn't
>> >been certified, only the parts relevant for the product have gone
>> >through the process.
>> >
>> >Best Regards
>> >Anders Johansson
>> >
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>> >> Subject: [bluetooth-dev] OpenBT Certification
>> >> 
>> >> 
>> >> 
>> >> Has anybody been through the Bluetooth certification process the
>> >> OpenBT stack?
>> >> 
>> >> Dean W. Gehnert
>> >> 
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