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[bluetooth-dev] bluetooth in the real world

sorry if this is not as advanced as most requests.. but all i'm trying to do is get the 9010 to work with anything... have a network of 9010 across the island of Jersey ans want to push this technology but 6 months down the line i'm close to giving up.

story so far...

purchased some 9010's and have connected them to ADSL lines

purchased a Sony PCG C1VFK with built in bluetooth to demonstrate the system to the press on:

Cannot get the sony laptop to see the lan profile on the axis... Sony says it is fully compatible with the latest btooth build - and lan profiles but won't work...

Purchased a 3com bluetooth card from 3com (3crwb6096) it connects to axis points but after 30 seconds disconnect and will never reconnect unless you remove all bluetooth software, drivers etc then resinstall. Tried in 4 different laptops... and the same. 

All devices have latest service packs - etc etc 

has anyone ever got this working in a real world environment?




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