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Re: [bluetooth-dev] How to use "bnep --test" ?

nasm64 wrote:
> Hello Fredrik,
>   My 2 bluetooth devices can make RFCOMM connection successfully,and I see the
>   logfile found it said that bnep channel is opened when I "bnep -c
>   [BD-Address]".
>   But I also cannot ping another PC successfully(I had add the route
>   table).

Everything in the logs look OK to me. The BNEP connection is successful.

>   can you tell me how to use another option of bneo.c
>   "bnep --test xx-xx-xx-xx-xx"? what's the meaning of
>   "xx-xx-xx-xx-xx"?

It's something we use for internal testing, it triggers stuff in

>   Also I found when I "ping another PC with bnep",the log has nothing
>   added,it seemed that no data package is pass through the bnep0
>   device.

Since BNEP seems to work I think it's a routing problem. Send me the
output from "ifconfig" and "route". Can you ping the bnep interface on
the same machine?

>   Another question is does bnep need kernel support "hot-plug device"?

Ehh, don't think so.

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