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Re: [bluetooth-dev] so i have installet openbt stack how i can test it???


Go in directory apps/bluetooth/experimental, read the README file, and use bti to initilize on both sides, btinq to find modules from one side, btcon to initiate connection from same side, and btsend to send data.

Best regards

On Tue, 12 Mar 2002 19:00:48 +0100
"stephan" <e9526442@xxxxxxx.at> wrote:

> hi
> i have installed the bluetooth open bt stack
> cd openbt
> source init_env
> make
> make install
> make devs
> but i haved insert into the kernel...
> i have 2 erriccson blutooth modules....
> how can i test if the stack runs ????
> tx

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