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[bluetooth-dev] Openbt on iPAQ cannot work

Dear all,
           I am trying to port the Openbt stack to iPAQ (kernel 2.4.3-rmk2-np1) to send files with PC. I am facing a problem that i cannot make it works on iPAQ. I cannot port the /dev/ttyBT0 through minicom to iPAQ. Its shows "Transfer imcomplete, No such Device" when i trying to port it to iPAQ. Moreover, when i run the ./btd, the following shown on the screen:
Bluetooth Control Application
Please Reset the HW within 5 seconds
Running as server
Physdev /dev/ttySA0, btdev /dev/ttyBT0, speed 115200 baud
sdp_server: no such file or directory
bt_hw_server: No such file or directory
ERROR: init_phys() not implemented!
Registered bluetooth line discipline on /dev/ttyS0
open_device: No such file or directory
    It seems that it cannot initalize the stack. How can i solve it?? Could any one could help me to solve this problem???
    Thank you for your help!