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Re: [bluetooth-dev] Some Inquiry questions related to access points


. What are your parameters for the Inquiry command?  LAP (you are using the correct LAP, right?), Length and # responses
. Sorry, I have to ask ... did you enable Inquiry Complete and Inquiry Result with Set Event Mask (0x03)?
. Try Periodic Inquiry Mode and see if you get Inquiry Results
. How did you set up the Set Event Filter / Inquiry Result filter type?  If you set "new device", maybe the other end isn't considered by the Host Controller as a "new device" and isn't reported -- another reason to try Periodic Inquiry Mode right at the start
. You only receive an Inquiry Complete with no Inquiry Result events?  Does the status in the Inquiry Complete indicate success?\

Jeff Ramsey

At 08:47 AM 03/15/2002 -0500, Rice, Clayton J. III wrote:
I have a few questions regarding bluetooth.  I'll list them below seperately so responces will be easier to provide.  : 
Question 1:  I have 2 CSR based radio modules from SOCKET.  I power them up and send them the following HCI commands:  Write_Connection_Accept_Timeout, Set_Event_Filter, and Write_Scan_Enable (with reasonable parameters for each command).  At this point, I can initiate an Inquiry on each radio and they both 'see' each other.  I can then establish a connection between the two radios and send ACL data back and forth.  While the connection is established between the two radios I issue an Inquiry command.  Results of the inquiries indicate there are no other bluetooth radios 'out there'.  Is this normal?  If so, seems kind of limiting. 
Question 2:  How would you implement an access point under these conditions.  While there is a connection to the access point no other nodes will see the access point or be able to connect to it. 
Looking forward to the responces
Jeff Rice
Tennessee Valley Authority
Computer Engineering Group
Chattanooga, TN 37402-2801