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[bluetooth-dev] Re: Fw: Porting the openbt on Assabet

Dear all,
   After successfully cross-compiled the openbt stack
for StrongARM, I got <bt.o> and tar the whole
directory of opentbt into iPAQ but found that it
cannot initialize the bluetooth hardware module.
What's the problem here?
I wonder should we configure the serial port ttyS0 ->
ttySA0, pls give me your help!

> > and then you will get the openbt module, bt.o
> >
> > you must create bluetooth device file,
> /dev/ttyBT0(ttyBT1, ttyBT2....) in
> > your ramdisk.
> > you can reference a makefile, /openbt/Makefie.
> >
> > after booting,
> > insert the module, bt.o
> > and run user application, btd

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