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Re: [bluetooth-dev] security manager, implementation

Hi Johan,

It seems to me that a lot of people are trying to do a security manager. I've done a simple security manager some month ago, and I think this would be more intersting if we concentrate our efforts on one code, and not on several code.

For this purpose, I commited three files (btsec.h, btsec.c and README_btsec.txt) in the experimetal directory of openBT's CVS.
Because we have a specific compilation system, these files have not been added to the makefile. I'll do that perhaps on wednesday. But if someone want to use the simple security manager, it just has to get these files (btsec.c and btsec.h), compile them to create an executable that can be used with openBT.

This security manager works only in Kernel mode.

I think this is not a good idea to define the __CRIS__, because it can have some other implication. Personnaly, I set the options in kernel (make menuconfig). Of course you have to add the Config.in file to the kernel tree to have the options. When you set the option by this way, the __CRIS__ doesn't need to be defined.

If the option "Use security manager" is enabled in the kernel config (and if you compile the stack in kernel mode), you just have to start the executable made from btsec.c (I'll call the executable "btsec") after that you initialized the stack.
The security manager comunicate through the proc file system to get link key, pin and security events.

The security manager can be used in several ways : it can give a default pin, it can ask the pin to a third part soft, it can store the link key in a file (to be tested), or give the link key to an external soft, etc.

But I didn't implement specific security request from l2cap or rfcomm. So for the moment, the security manager accept every security request from these layers. But if somone want to do that a bit better...

Best regards.

On Mon, 18 Mar 2002 16:17:56 +0100 (MET)
Johan Persson <na98jpn@xxxxxxx.se> wrote:

> I have started a project which include making a Security Manager for
> Bluetooth :-)
> is defined in btconfig.h only if __CRIS__ is defined i ended up
> doing these defines because the compiler complained about the LED:s not
> being included. 
> I wrote the following starting on row 69 in btconfig.h
> #define __CRIS__/*added for security manager 020316*/
> #define LED_ACTIVE_SET(A)/*added for security manager 020316*/
> #define LED_ORANGE 1/*added for security manager 020316*/
> #define LED_GREEN 1/*added for security manager 020316*/
> Is this the way to go and are there any more changes needed before we
> start implementing the Security Manager?
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