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Re: [bluetooth-dev] SC0 -usb patch

On Wed, Mar 13, 2002 at 12:08:19PM +0530, Masoodur Rahman wrote:
> hi,
>  I have prepared a patch for SCO support over USB(bluetooth.c) , but the 
> hardware (Ericsson)that i have does not seem to suppport the same .
> If any one is interested in the SCO flow over USB  , he can kindly apply 
> the patch to the USB bluetooth driver and verify whether the SCO(isoc) 
> packets flow through the USB .
> Support for streaming hasnt been added fully . Much work needs to be done 
> but  first the isoc traffic should get working .
> Any comments/suggestion will be highly appreciated.

Nice work.  Feel free to copy me on patches like this, as I just now am
going through some of my mailboxes that I don't read very often (like
this one.)

A few comments:
	- does it work?
	- your formatting seems a bit odd at times, stick with the
	  CodingStyle format please.
	- please use usb_alloc_urb() to create a urb and usb_free_urb()
	  to clean it up.  Do not statically allocate it within another
	  structure.  The 2.5 USB core requires this and this
	  requirement will be backported to 2.4 pretty soon (it's worth
	  it, as lots of races go away when this happens.)


greg k-h
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