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Re: [bluetooth-dev] iPAQ connected with Ericsson bluetooth module

On Fri, 22 Mar 2002 19:22:16 +0800 (CST)
Ӱ  <ahdick_bt@xxxxxxx.hk> wrote:
> NamsuLee,

> I have a problem here.
> After the cross-compilation of the stack for iPAQ, I'd
> like to use the iPAQ to drive the Ericsson bluetooth
> hardware by serial connection.
> I doubt that what cable should be used for this
> purpose!
> Should I simply use a serial cable attached to the
> iPAQ cradle to connect the bluetooth module? Or any
> other solutions? (How about Null Modem cable? Is it
> applicable here?)
> Hope you can give me some hints!

The iPaq cradle offers a 9-pin sub-d connector which can be directly
connected to a PC. The Ericsson modul will have the same or similar
configuration, i.e. configured as device which can be directly connected
to a PC. This means that you have to use a null modem between iPaq and
module to twist the lines again. Be aware of the fact that you cannot
AFAIK use hardware handshake with the iPaq!

> Best regards,
> Dick
  nils faerber

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