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Re: [bluetooth-dev] openbt NOT WORKING properly with linux red hat 2.4.7-10 kernel

"Christian Lanzani" <GS2105@xxxxxxx.dk> writes:

> Hi,

> im trying to install openbt on a linux 2.4.7-10 kernel Red Hat
> i do the following commands :
> -untar xvf .. filename.tar
> -cd openbt
> i modify the makefile in
> openbt/linux/drivers/char/bluetooth/makefile with  ::
> make INCLUDEDIR=/usc/src/linux-2.4.7-10/include  

You shouldn't do like this.

make INCLUDEDIR="path to your configured kernel sorce"/linux/include

Note that your configurations in the source MUST be the same as the
kernel you are running the bt.o on.  Otherwise you will get the errors
you got when you try to load the module bt.

> that is the place where is the kernel source
> and the makefile in openbt/makefile adding  make -C apps/bluetooth/sdp_server sdp_server
> -source init_env
> -make

Do the make I told you about here instead of just make.

I do the following line (I'm running Debian):

(. init_env; make all INCLUDEDIR=/usr/src/linux/include)

>  and it seems to compile even if on lots lines there are warning 
>  messages about malloc.h that its use is deprecated but it goes -  
> ntil the end of compiling
> -make install
> -make devs
> -insmod bt.o     in openbt/linux/drivers/char/bluetooth/bt.o
> and i got the following error lines : 
> bt.o  : unresolved symbol :n_tty-ioctl_r76d2c88d
> bt.o  : unresolved symbol :proc_root_rd4fa7c99 
> bt.o  : unresolved symbol : remove_proc_entry_r5b64692e
> bt.o  : unresolved symbol : tty_register_ldisc_r830007fd1
> bt.o  : unresolved symbol : remove_wait_queue_r47a4ebc2
> bt.o  : unresolved symbol : add_wait_queue_r870ee0f6
> bt.o  : unresolved symbol : tty_unregister_driver_rbe859980
> bt.o  : unresolved symbol : tty_register_driver_r0ec0c312 
> bt.o  : unresolved symbol : creat_proc_entry_r34e60a7e
> Please does anybody could help me ?? have you ever seen this 
> error ?

You're running wrong version of the kernel.

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