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[bluetooth-dev] Re: BNEP on ericsson hardware


how recently did you download the software? We've been working on the
BNEP support up until now. We had a serious problem with receiving data
that was fixed only last week. What exactly is the error message that
you get?

I know of no special problem with the Ericsson module and OpenBT, but we
haven't tried it extensively for a while.


"Mario Goorden (ELN)" wrote:
> Hi Fredrik,
> I'm currently trying out the latest axis freeware stack (downloaded 
> using CVS) on the 2.4.4-4GB kernel from the SUSE 7.2 distribution.
> I compiled and installed everything after some minor changes and got
> the BNEP stack working on the Ericsson hardware (Bluetooth 
> Application Toolkit). I want to test it against the ericsson version
> of the stack, to check the status since the last unplugfest. I think
> I tested against your collegue of yours in Hong Kong.
> Everything works fine when I setup the connection and ping toward
> each other (both computers using the axis stack).
> If I however startup a http session, then one side first gets
> hci_receive_data errors, and then the other side does not seem to
> get any data anymore.
> Also when I use ping flooding, the sender seems to loose it's
> capability to receive data, even when I put on the HCI data
> debugging , it does not seem to receive anything.
> Is this a known problem with Ericsson hardware or the Axis
> Software ?
> With friendly greetings,
> Mario Goorden
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