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RE: [bluetooth-dev] send image by using rf_send

Most likely this is due to the start/stop characters (ctrl-s and ctrl-q).
This has been discussed on this list before, and you may find some
help in the previous discussion at:
http://mhonarc.axis.se/bluetooth-dev/msg03111.html <http://mhonarc.axis.se/bluetooth-dev/msg03111.html> 

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Subject: [bluetooth-dev] send image by using rf_send

Dear all,
I would like to send an image to the remote computer by using bluetooth. I have used a function called rf_send ( ) to read the data from image to tmp[ ] and send it by rf_send ( ) function. 
However, I found that it is not sucessful. Some characters in tmp[ ] received by rf_send function is lost. Therefore, i cannot sucessfully send the image. But i can succesully send any text file to another computer. Could anone can tell me why???
Thanks for your help. I am looking forward for your reply.

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