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[bluetooth-dev] New to BT development in Linux - Help!

HI all,

  I've been a BT developer in Windows for some time now. But I find that BT in Linux is progressing much faster.. besides I love the open source community.

Here are my basic doubts:

1. If I install Open BT stack on my linux machines, can I test a sample application without even having any h/w ? Is there any emulator (NS??) that works with the axis stack ?

2. I've read that axis stack supports LAP. Is it true ? If yes, which BT h/w on the PDA side  r compatible with the LAP of axis ?

3. Can I run the same stack on eLinux ? any modifications to be done? Or is there any variant ?

4. Can I run eLinux on a desktop ? Any clue ?

Thanks a million for your help.



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