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[bluetooth-dev] HCI emulation

Hi all,

I have compiled the openBT 0.0.8 with kernel 2.4.7, just to try
HCI_EMULATION, in the btconfig.h undeffed the hardware for ERICSSON and
defined NO_HARDWARE_INIT. Also, removed the comments for the HCI_EMULATION.
Then I followed the instructions to insmod, etc.

I can run the server side happily;

btd --cmdmode --unixsock but when I run the client side
btd --client --unixsock I get an error ;

Bluetooth Control Application, There is already another version of btd

I must be doing something wrong but I don't know, I tried to follow the
README file, I would appreciate if someone can help me to find what to do.

What is the best way to play with to get familiar with the stack? Is there
any application that I can play with?

What profiles are supported? How can I get bit more information about all

Thanks everybody.

Gokhan Tanyeri

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