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[bluetooth-dev] Problem when receiving files from Bluetooth Serial Port Emulation

I'm working on Bluetooth, with which I use Ericsson
hardware and Axis protocol stack. What I'm doing now
is to send/receive files between two bluetooth

But in the file transfer of images, there are problems
involving with the "ctrl-J"(10) & "ctrl-M"(13), all of
the "ctrl-M" in the send side will be automatically
changed to "ctrl-J". Though I can receive the files
from the sender, but the image will be distorted.

With detailed information, I use several C functions:
-fopen(); <- open file for read
-fread(); <- read the whole file to char array until
-write(); <- write to the dev, i.e. ttyBT*

-read();  <- read the ttyBT*, which receives 127 bytes
per read and put them to a char array
-fwrite();<- write the array to the file

Would you kindly tell me what's the mistake here??
Thanks a lot!

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