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[bluetooth-dev] Problems with receiving data from R520


Im having some problems when I try to recieve data. 
I have connected a blip to a LAN, and using telnet to monitor what 
function being sent and received.

I have managed to established a connection between a R520 and blip (LAN 
access point). The pincode procedure works fine and the both devices 
shares a link key, the blip is added to the R520 connected devices list 
and the phone disconnects. 

The blip is then put in scan mode.

When I then try to connect again with the R520 and send a message from 
the phone, I get a HCI_DATA_IND to the blip. I try to respond to the 
data that has been sent by answering with HCI_RspData
(0,HCI_NO_ERROR,((HCI_TConnectCompleteEvt *)msg->tBtHandle);

The answer from the R520 is 0x7800a. What does this mean? Is the 
parameters wrong, has the mobile timedout or does it expects another 
packet to be sent?

Thank you for any information/suggestions about this problem.

Carl Hellberg

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