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Re: [bluetooth-dev] anyone has connect a windows pc and a linux pc over bluetooth?


   I have worked on both the ericsson and the cstack under windows. I don't see why it should not work. The stack does not generate a com port... rather it just opens an existing one. Just use any free comport and its gotta work.


  Michaela Bone <blutus@xxxxxxx.net> wrote:

i want connect a windows pc and a linux pc over bluetooth
i have 2 erricsson module
on the linux pc i have installed the openbt stack - and it works
on the windows pc i have 2 stacks : the erricsson stack and a stack from www.cstack.com
but on the windows pc i dont have a new com port (generated by bluetooth stack) for the connection...
anyone has made something?
thanks stephan

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