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[bluetooth-dev] release: bti kernel stack corruption. Aiee

Hi all,

I use a CSR module. I run on a Dragonball plaform (big endian).
The bluetooth correction works well most of the time, but sometimes I've a crash (It's not easy to know what causes the crash), and from time to time, I've next message :

"release: bti kernel stack corruption. Aiee"

I think the bluetooth driver make a corruption in the kernel stack during the init or connection process... and so the kernel can crash later (I've no MMU on this platform).

Does someone already experienced such problems ?
Is someone able to tell me in which direction I should look in the code (I haven't gdb on this platform) ?

Thank you for any help.

Note : I'm working on version 0.0.8 of sources. I added one or two patches from latest CVS, and I remove some operations (read/write PS keys, read firmware version), because if I do these operation, the module doesn't respond any more.

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