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[bluetooth-dev] re: Cooperation

Dear Sir/Madam,

Have a nice day!
Shenzhen Crystal Technology Electronics Co., Ltd (SJK) is a professional group manufacturing quartz crystals, SMD X\'TAL, SMD CXO, ceramic resonators, SMD ceramic resonator, crystal filters, SAW filter and resonator. We own three manufacturing factories across the nation. All the modern production facilities and technologies are brought in from Japan and South Korea,USA etc. The full capacity can reach 80 million pcs per year, accompanied with quality assurance system. The main export areas include the US, Europe and South Asia. 
Our factory environmental protection system uses an air cleaning system and the EDS protection method to ensure guarantee product quality. We also utilize computerized inspection equipment, strict management system and experienced engineering technologies to make our R&D capabilities more powerful. We have already passed the ISO 9002 quality assessment system. Likewise, our quality management system has been implemented in all departments, to reach the quality target of SJK. \"Quality is the survival way, service is to make development.\". We hope to make a bright future with our customers! 
As you know, China is becoming the component manufacturing base of the world, and China had entered into WTO last year. Now, we will be more favorable to deal with international trade. I think it\'s the golden time to search a reliable supplier from China. If you cooperate with us, you will find we are a credit reliable, quality ensured and price competitive supplier.
Please visit our website to search more detail information.

Product catalog:

1. Ceramic filters
    450E, LT series
2. Ceramics resonators
     CRA series, CRB series, CRB 450B series , CRT series 
     SMD ceramic resonator, SMD ceramic resonator with c
3. Crystal filter 
     49u filter, UM-5
4. Crystal oscillator
    Full size CXO, Half size CXO, SMD CXO,  SMD VCXOTCXO
5. Crystal resonators
    Glass xtal, Glass xtal 71.52, Glass xtal 751.54
6. Quartz crystal 
    26 tuning fork ,  38 tuning fork,  39 tuning fork
    hc-49/s,  hc-49/s/smd,  hc-49/u
    seam xtal,  seam xtal 63.5(smd crystal)
7. Saw filter 
    F11 saw filter ,  TQ 39 saw filter 
8. Saw resonators
    F11 saw Re,  TQ 39 saw resonator
If you have any questions, please contact me feel free.


Michael guo
Marketing anager
Shenzhen crytsal technology Electronics co., ltd.
mail: michael@xxxxxxx.com 

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