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[bluetooth-dev] Doubts abt SDP_Server and SDP_Client

hi guys,

I am working with Bluetooth SDP in openBT stack for a
project. The existing openBT distribution comes with a
sample application of SDP_Server. As far as my
undertanding goes this program is a server module who
listens to the client SDP requests and according to
the Type of the request it parses the XML file and
sends back the SDP response.

I saw the whole code of SDP_server and SDP_parser. And
this is wht i understood:

1.In SDP_Parser code what they do is open a server
socket and listens for the client requests on the
client socket. (IF BTD_USERSTACK is not defined)

2. IF BTD_USERSTACK is defined then they open a proc
file and use the file descriptor of this file to read
the request and write the response.

3. they check what kind of request is received from
the client and according to that they call appropriate
routines in SDP_server and copies the result on the
socket descriptor/file descriptor.

I have following questions:

1. How do u define BTD_USERSTACK or if i am working on
root  by default i do not define BTD_USERSTACK

2. Explian these lines of code in SDP_parser:
    client_len = sizeof(client_address);
    sdp_clnt_sock =
accept(sdp_srv_sock, (struct sockaddr*&client_address,
    stack_if_fd = sdp_clnt_sock;

How does the Server know about the client_address?

3. How do i send request to the SDP_Server. I mean u
it requires a client to send request to server right.
If you have written a sample client. Please send me
the code. (Please it will be very halpful if i could
get the client code)

4. Please write the detail steps of starting and
testing the SDP_Server application

5. Does BTD.c class required for SDP_Server.Because
the  SDP_Server only writes the the socket/proc file.
How does it interact with the Bluetooth stack..

I can undeerstand i am asking too many questions. But
i am in desperate need of answers to these questions
as all my work is blocked because of this. 

I would be very grateful to you if u can provide me as
much information abt SDP_Server and SDP_Client code as
you have gained form yr experience.

Thanking you
Gaurav Gupta

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