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[bluetooth-dev] (Fwd) btdm problems

i installed now kernel 2.4.14 and openBT 0.0.8 
also now the pppd daemon is properly installed 

i installed the stack in this way : 

$cd openbt 
$. init_env 
$make INCLUDEDIR=/usr/src/linux/include 
 ---  i got some warning messages about to use slab.h instead of 
malloc.h --- 

$make install 
$make devs 
$insmod openbt/linux/drivers/char/bluetooth/bt.o 

--- then i try to do in a second shell :  

$tail -f /var/log/messages -- 

--- i modified in etc/ppp/option  the settings as you wrote me but i 
don't have the  etc/ppp/options.ttyBT file 

now i try btdm on USB port correctly installed 

$./btdm -R --physdev=/dev/ttyUB0 
Shutting Down Bluetooth Stack ... 
Bluetooth Stack Shutted Down 

in the other shell i see the following messages : 

$localhost kernel : Bluetooth Driver v 1.3 Copyright (C) 200 2001 
Axis  Communication AB 
$localhost kernel : BT SYS : Bluetooth Driver registered a ttyBT 
$localhost kernel : BT SYS : Bluetooth Line Discipline registered 
$localhost kernel : BT (driver) : Initialising bt ctrl struct 
$localhost kernel : BT SYS : Registraing Bluetooth proc files 
$localhost kernel : BT SYS : Bluetooth Driver using ttyBT [0-6] 
(data) , tyyBTC (ctrl)  [7] 
$localhost btdm : Bluetooth Daemon Starting 
$localhost btdm : open-socket : failed to connect /tmp/ipa_server 
$localhost sdp_server : SDP server starting 
$localhost btdm : open-socket : failed to connect /tmp/ipa_server 
$localhost last message repeated 3 times 
$localhost btdm : Shutting Down Bluetooth Stack 

thatīs what i see!! 

do i installed properly the kernel and the stack ? 
how did you installed your stack ? did you have the same errors ? 

thank you in adv. 
Best Regards 


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