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[bluetooth-dev] questions

Hi!  I have a few questions regarding bluez on linux.

I am using a digital laptop running linux with a brainbox pcmcia uart 
card to talk to an hp pc running linux with a usb dongle.  Both linux's 
are 2.4.18 and I'm using bluez 2.0.  I'll be writing apps in C.

I have been playing with the authentication and can't seem to get it to 
work.  The security is set to auto upon startup in the hcid.conf.  Is 
there a way to use hciconfig to interrogate the security mode?  I don't 
see where it shows the security mode anywhere or how to ask for it.

L2ping works from both machines with noauth.  If I have both machines 
set to:
pscan/iscan/auth and try to do l2ping,  the laptop will invoke  
pin_helper (/bin/bluepin) and ask for the pin.  No matter what I type in 
the connection either times out or gives "permission denied".  I have 
identical pin files in /etc/bluetooth on both machines. 

If I run the l2ping from the pc, it does not invoke pin_helper, just 
gives "permission denied". 

I believe the laptop bypasses the pin file and invokes pin_helper 
because it's an outgoing connection.  However, I'm not sure why the pc 
never invokes the pin_helper.

The pc is running only the hcid.  The laptop is running hci_attach 
because it has the pcmcia card.  I start an hcid on it as well to try 
the authentication because the documentation said that it could only be 
run with the hcid.  Is the problem that I'm using both hci_attach and hcid?

Or does there need to be code in l2ping that will handle the auth?

Next set of questions  is regarding the l2cap commands.

L2test and l2ping use different socket types, sock_seqpacket and 
sock_raw respectively.  When should you use which type?

L2ping uses "send" to send the command header out for the 
l2cap_echo_req.  Is this how I would send any signaling command?  If so, 
do I put the command header at the beginning of the buffer and then the 
payload (the appropriate l2cap structure) is appended after that?

Does anyone have any examples of l2cap_conn_req/rsp l2cap_conf_req/rsp 
usage?  Once the connection is established and I want to pass data I 
just use "send" to pass it, right?

Any help would be appreciated!
Thank you very much!


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