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[bluetooth-dev] SDP PDU error

 hi guys..

  i am writing a SDP_client to send and receive SDP
PDUs.. I just extended the SDP_client code by marcus
to have inquiry and i tried two types of requests:


i construct the PDU myself.. but when i send the PDU
on the server side it gives an error: 

process_service_search_req:ERROR: Packet length  (5)
shorter then actual packet length (8)

process_service_search_attr_req:ERROR: Packet length 
(11) shorter then actual packet length (677)

for the two types of request PDUs respectively.
(i m using two different programs to send these 2
types of PDUs)

I tried the code my marcus also.and it also has the
PDU length as 5 and the servers throws the same ERROR
expecting PDUlength of "8" 

Can someone mail me the correct format of the request
PDU(both service_search and Service_search_attribute)

the server module hangs after giving the ERROR, i have
to kill hte process by <ctrl> C and restart the server

On the client side it exits after giving that the
request has succeded but if i try to rerun the same
program it gives me a connection error.

I have to reset the hardware, remove the drivers and
initialise the stack and drivers to start the client
program again which works only once and i have to
repeat the whole initialization again.

I hope i explined my problem .. please if someone has
any idea wht must be causing these errors help me..

I hope many of u including Marcus must have tried the
Client code by Marcus.. i am facing the same problem
with his code also ..

please advice

thanx in advance
Gaurav Gupta

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