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  How can i send and receive data over RFCOMM..I
successfully managed to open an RFCOMM connection and
i understood the btsend.c file . But there is no file
to receive data on the other side. 

I think its going to be a simple read command on the
device at which the connection is opened.. but where
in the btd.c code should i insert the code.. 

Can i make a seperate read file and issue a read
command in the beginning, will it block till some data
comes on the device.. 

Will there be a conflict with the btd.c file because
both will try to read the data at the same time

please advice.. how should i go about it, n whether i
m thinking right ..

I'll summarize my problem:

"I want to send some data from one machine and receive
it on the other side. both sides are running "btd.c" 
or "btdm". I am sending data using the "btsend.c" file
or the menu option in btd.c.

But i want to receive and store this data on the other
side. How should i do it?"

please help

thanx in advance
Gaurav Gupta

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