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[bluetooth-dev] Re:ask a question in sdp.c

When l2cap got sdp packet/query, it will indicate SDP by calling 
'sdp_receive_data'. Then SDP will do:
if it is sdp server, it passes the packet to 'sdp_server'
to do the processing and reply.(passing is done in kernel mode by 
  memcpy(db_hdl->data, data, len); reply is done by 
'write2stack'(not sure if it's the correct name of the 
function) in 'sep_server').
if it is a client, it just pass the data up for user to do processing.
(That is 'bt_send_sdp_data_received(sdp->line, dataPointer, len)' for).

This is my understanging of the stack. Someone may correct me if I am 


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