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[bluetooth-dev] Why does this message appear after I finished installing the driver?

   I was trying to install the bluetooth under Linux. I use USB connection.
   But then after I finished installing it. I tried to type in "./bti" or 
"./bting" (I forgot which one was it, cuz I'm kinda new on Linux), but then 
the following error message appeared on my screen:

Please reset HW board within 5 seconds
csr_bcsp_to_h4: Invalid argument
Shutting down Bluetooth stack

   What does that message mean?  How can I get rid of it?
   Could you please give me a hand? I'll really appreciate a lot if you can 
help me. And, I apologize if I make any incovenience here.   But, I really 
really need this done as soon as possible. Please help me~~

Thank you very much!!!

National Dong Hwa University.

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