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[bluetooth-dev] ppp problem in Btdm

i successfully managed to open a ppp connection using
the old btd application in /btd directory. I managed
to do file transfer, ping etc on this connection. But
when i am trying to open a ppp conection using the new
btdm file in /experimental its not working.. I follow
the following steps

1>open ./btdm -m 1 on both sides(the two ends i want
to establish a ppp connection)

2> open a RF_COMM connection using
 ./bt_conn -d /dev/ttyBT0 -a <BD-ADD>
  it shows me connected message

3> start ppp by:
   pppd /dev/ttyBT0
4> Nothing shows up on the other side, neither of the
ifconfig files shows the ppp connection..

When i follow the same step  using the ./btd
application it works fine.. I am using the same
options files as used for ./btd 

Am i missing some option while starting ./btdm 
please advice

thanx in advance
Gaurav Gupta

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