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[bluetooth-dev] Find out the truth / Sorry about the first mailing

IoWith the help of the computer technology of today I can help you find just about anything you need.  I can help you find people, friends, help in collecting alimony, child support by helping you find the person that owes you money.   I can find phone numbers, addresses, assets, car information for accident purposes.
Background information on just about anyone, criminal records, warrants, job information, even where people have lived in the past.
If you really need to know or are just curious about someone then contact me for details, i.e. pricing, time it takes to get the information, etc.  Or visit www.cyberprivatei.com
Im cheaper than a P.I. And can get more info for you than the police (which usually wont give you specifics).   CALL OR EMAIL TODAY

cation Service

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