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[bluetooth-dev] Dev FS support in openBT

Hi all,

We are now trying to use openBT in a kernel which uses the Devices File System which allocate dynamically the devices. There are very little things to change to make openBT use this dynamic allocation. Attached to this e-mail, a patch to apply on the latest sources from CVS.


I didn't commit the changes, because the patch is not a very satisfying solution : it creates devices ttyBT0 to ttyBT7. So it creates ttyBT7 instead of ttyBTC. To solve this problem I found two possibilities :

1) Create manually a symbolic link named ttyBTC which link ttyBT7
2) Modify the stack to make the device control name ttyBT0 and bluetooth devices from ttyBT1 to ttyBT7. But this will require some changes in the stack, and some changes for the users, because if they use ttyBT0, they will have to change their code to use ttyBT1 or another device.

The discussion is opened to find the best solution to suport DevFS.

Best regards.

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