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[bluetooth-dev] scatternet

I posted a message a couple of weeks ago asking if anybody
know of any BlueTooth PCMCIA card which can support scatternet.
I havn't got any answer yet.
I also asked some manufactories to look for the answer and they
said to me 'No' or...
As we want to buy some those cards for our development, which is
on linux and OpenBT, can I ask your guys for help.

Is there any PCMCIA card around which can support scatternet?


Ran Zhou
Centre for Communications Research
University of Bristol
c/o: PACT
University Gate                            Tel:  +44 117 915 1278
Park Row                                   Fax:  +44 117 954 5206
Bristol BS1 5UB                          
United Kingdom                             Email: Ran.Zhou@xxxxxxx.uk

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