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[bluetooth-dev] three question about the specification

i have three question:
one is about the Connection_Handle in HCI layer. My understanding is the CH is associated with one of remote devices. If my understanding is  right , then why CH field is 12 bits, since there are seven active members and 255 parked members in piconet in all?

the other is about the CID(Channel Identifier) in L2CAP layer. Since the RFCOMM take the main responsibility of multiplex logic serial link above the RFCOMM layer, why the CID field in L2CAP layer requires 2 bytes? I think it too long for that.

the last question is the reassemble function of the L2CAP layer. This is the HCI layer function if there is HCI layer, then , in this function , it uses the length  of L2CAP_PDU and the flags field in HCI_PDU, then my question is what is the function about the L_CH field in ACL header(it has the reassemble function, but it seems that we don't use it)?

by the way, i am studying the bluetooth specification, would you please introduce me a forum discussing bluetooth specification or other similar website.

Any help will be appreciated,thank you in advance.

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