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[bluetooth-dev] Difficulty building openbt on lx devboard


I'm new to the list and was wondering if anyone could help me.

I have followed the build instructions on the axis documentation site and
setup the latest devboard file with the kernel and built everything

I then:
- grabed the cvs version of the openbt stack.
- Copied driver source (/linux/drivers/char/bluetooth) to kernel source
tree (os/linux/drivers/char/)
- Copied the driver include files to the kernel source tree
(/linux/include/linux/bluetooth to /os/linux/include/linux)
-Copied the xml parsing libraries (/libs/expat to /libs)
-Copied apps (/apps/bluetooth to /apps/)
-Copied sdp server (/apps/bluetooth/sdp_server/ to /files/etc)

Changed /makespec to include apps/bluetooh/ -r R1_0_0 in subdirs
Changed /makespec to include libs/expat/ -r R1_0_0 in libs

added "source bluetooth/Config.in" to the last line of

added "subdir-$(CONFIG_BLUETOOTH) += bluetooth" and
"obj-$(CONFIG_BLUETOOTH) += bluetooth/bt.o to the Makefile in the char

then I run

make cris-axis-linux-gnu from the axis root dir.

I get the error:
axis root/apps/Rules.elinux:173: *** --- ERROR: The code in axis
root/apps/bluetooth/btd cannot be linked with with GLIBC. Stop>

I also get this error for userstack.  If I delete those two out of the
make file everything goes on fine, but I don't really consider that a

If anyone has any ideas or knows what is wrong I would really appreciate
your help.

~! Rudy Fink
Rice University

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