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[bluetooth-dev] OpenBT 0.0.8 and USB with Ericsson HW

Hallo, i got problems with USB connection to the Ericsson HW  

im using OpenBT 0.0.8, Linux 2.4.18-3 kernel version 

I have no problems to estabilish a PPP connection thru the RS232 
cable but im not  able to do it with USB cable. 

Do  the USB driver bluetooth.c need some changes for working 
    fine with bti  or btdm ?

Do  the kernel configuration needs some particular setting 
    about USB?

Do  the USB port or BT port ( ttyUB0 or ttyBT0 ) need some 
    particular setting  like stty -F /dev/tty.... raw or something 
    different ?

Why if i start btdm and i make the connection im not able to 
    use pppd on the  ttyBT0 device  ( devices busy ) and why 
    with bti i don't have this problem ?

Doesanybody have some kinds of notes or howto about how 
    to use USB  without problems with ericsson HW ?

IŽll really appreciate any comment or help 

Thanks in adv 


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