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[bluetooth-dev] OpenBT 0.0.8 and USB with Ericsson HW

----Hallo, i got problems with USB connection to the Ericsson HW  

im using OpenBT 0.0.8, Linux 2.4.18-3 kernel version

I have no problems to estabilish a BT and PPP connection thru the RS232
cable but im not  able to do it with USB cable, because i can connect the
two devices but when i start to send data over the Bt channel like with ppp
everything crash and i got to restart the computer ( the log say CRC_CHECK errors ).

Do  the USB driver bluetooth.c need some changes for working
   fine with bti  or btdm ?

Do  the kernel configuration needs some particular setting
   about USB?

Do  the USB port or BT port ( ttyUB0 or ttyBT0 ) need some
   particular setting  like stty -F /dev/tty.... raw or something
   different ?

Why if i start btdm and i make the connection im not able to
   use pppd on the  ttyBT0 device  ( devices busy ) and why
   with bti i don't have this problem ?

Doesanybody have some kinds of notes or howto about how
   to use USB  without problems with ericsson HW ?

I´ll really appreciate any comment or help

Thanks in adv


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