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[bluetooth-dev] loosing data in ttyBT0

hi all,

We are trying to transfer a file from laptop to axis stack running on linux.

laptop is having bluetooth PCMCIA card. After device discovery and
connection completion, we are sending the file using "send text file" in
HyperTerminal which is connected to COM4.

on the receiving side we are giving
cat /dev/ttyBT0 > file.txt

but file is not transferring properly. It is loosing some data and data
which is coming totally blurred. there is no data loss at HCI level.

/var/log/message is showing lot of following messages

BT (driver) bt_flush_chars
BT (driver) bt_flush_chars
BT (driver) bt_flush_chars
BT (driver) bt_flush_chars

does anybody knows why this bt_flush_chars is coming and what can be the
reason of data loss?

Thanks and regards,

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