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[bluetooth-dev] problem using the examples

Hello all! 

I finally manage to install the stack, now i'm studying the examples in 
openbt/apps/bluetooth/experimental  First I loaded the bt module, next I 
started bti but i get the following message :

[blooXyc@Calcium experimental]$ bti
Shutting down Bluetooth stack

Then I looked in the /var/log/messages file and here is what I get :

Jul  2 11:03:19 Calcium bti: Bluetooth daemon starting
Jul  2 11:03:19 Calcium bti: Could not create pid file for btinit.
Jul  2 11:03:19 Calcium bti: Shutting down bluetooth stack

what is this pid file issue ? Is it a question of access rights ?

Thanking you in advance,

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